Dear Junglers! Lets understand each others pings better!

Let me start by saying that I appreciate the effort, I appreciate the thought, I appreciate that you remember me on my toplane. Really, I do, you guys are great! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} That being said, there will come a time when you ping that you are going to gank a lane, and then someone from that lane will suddenly start pinging multiple times. Now, what does that mean? What does he want from you? Since pings can have a multitude of meanings, depending on who uses them, when does he use them and where, lets see some of the pings I use as a laner to communicate with junglers during a gank. * Pinging DANGER on the enemy laner This usually means: "Don't gank! Please go somewhere else, help another lane" Why would the laner do that? There are a multitude of reasons. The laner could think the opponent too strong at the moment. Maybe he wants to continue his lanefreeze. Maybe hes well aware, that his opponent is much stronger in a multi-target fight (Darius, Illaoi) than he would be in a good 1v1. A far more serious concern: Your laner could be aware of the enemy junglers presence, ready for a countergank. The point is, whatever the reason, you should assume that your laner is more aware of what happened on this lane and how skilled his opponent is than you are, and listen to his advice. * Pinging DANGER on a brush or the river 9/10 times, that means: "This is warded". Find an alternative gank path, clear the ward or wait a bit until either the ward expires or the enemy laner is so overextended, the ward doesn't matter any more. * Pinging MISSING on a brush or the river The laner isn't sure if this is warded or not, it could be however. * Pinging DANGER on the enemy laner after the gank has been initiated Back off please! Either something unexpected happened (for example I just spotted the enemy jungler walking into a nearby ward) or I want to signal not to follow the enemy laner under his turret. * Pinging ATTACK on the enemy laner All clear, let's go for it! * Normal pings on the lane when you come ganking an enemy Teemo "These are the shroom locations that I am aware of" ----- Do you have pings of your own to share, that you use to communicate with your junglers/laners? Please post them here! Hapy jungling! -frantic
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