Idea to nerf Zed

Since the runesystem got reworked, Zed is a pain in the ass to deal with because of the absurd damage he can do. It was already irritating that an assassin who can oneshot you in no time has waveclear, decent poke and a safe laningphase due to his passive. But it was alright, I didn't really mind it back then since you could just dodge his abilities and his damage is almost non existant. As a matter of fact Zed was one of my most favorite matchups, I really liked it to play agianst him. But the new Runes kinda ruined that. Now he can deal insane damage by just poking. If he uses his shadow, gets his E on you and hits both Qs, then you lose half if not more of your HP due to Electrocute. Zed can without commiting to a fight almost oneshot you from a safe distance, which is simply not fun to play against. Zed has a lot of damage when going all in and Zed has strong poke that can deal significant damage before a real fight even begins. Things get worse if he is level 6. If he is level 6 he can create 2 shadows, which means in one rotation he can theoratically hit 3 Qs, 3 Es, the R damage and at least one autoattack, which gives Zed 8 possibilities to damage you. He needs to hit any 3 of those to activate Electrocute, and as you can see that shouldn't be that difficult to do with so many possibilities. Simply put: Zed can activate Electrocute way too easily without commiting to a trade which makes his laningphase super oppresive. Here's the idea I got: Make his multiple Qs and Es unique abilities. Here's what I mean by that: If Zed hits 3 Qs on you and only 3 Qs, nothing else, then Zed activates Electrocute. By making his abilities count as unique abilities, Zed would not activate Electrocute in this scenario. Zed would've hit 3 Qs, but he only hit 1 unique ability which doesn't trigger Electrocute. This nerf should reduce his oppressive laningphase, because Zed cannot activate Electrocute anymore with his poke combo alone. If Zed uses his shadow, hits E and his 2 Qs, then the 2 Qs are considered as the same spell, thus theoratically Zed only hit 2 unique abilities on the enemy and Electrocute will not be activated. If Zed wants to activate it, he needs to commit to the fight, where he swaps to his shadow and autoattacks you. Or he ults or whatever. The thing I want to get across is that W-E-Q doesn't activate Electrocute anymore. Such a nerf doesn't nerf the damage and Zed can still oneshot people if he hits all of his abilities, but he cannot take half your HP with his poke combo anymore. Because of this, his laningphase would be weaker, because his poke is not as good anymore. Zed either wants a passive, safe laningphase with weak poke, or going all in for the damage he always had. You as his enemy can play around that, because you know his damage isn't so insane if he doesn't commit to an all in. You would still stay away from his shadows, becaues Zed could still swap and autoattack you to activate Electrocute, but at least now he stands up right in front of your face if he chooses to activate Electrocute.
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