What does make your main OP?

**Hey guys! **Through out many months of playing i saw many people playing un-meta champs (Urgot,Morde..etc) they do make plays..etc am really curious how they did it so,but when reading i saw that morde (before the jugger- rework) was pretty good..so yeah anyways I want to know what makes your main good and wanna know how powerful a champ could be , maybe i could try it. **For me i main Janna/Karma. am that type of a guy that loves playing with shields espeically on 45% cdr** **_the discussion is meant for you to share your thought about your main_** **_try avoid talking about Riven,Zed...etc , because we already know how good are they with the right hand_** **Also share your opinion if champs are good by meta or skills** **_EDITED_** : **sorry if i take too long to reply , i usually view your comments before entering a game + _commenting too quickly_ lol**
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