TFT: Riot's reasons for designing broken and OP stuff never cease to amaze me!

[TFT] Hextech Origin Details and Feedback Thread
Hello World Introducing the next Origin being added to Teamfight Tactics - Hextech, featuring ! We are still ironing out exact functionality around the trait and the abilities of the champions in it, but here's a broad summary: Hextech Trait Hextech units temporarily disable enemy items. Th
I've made a thread talking about the newly revealed Hextech origin and how bad and unhealthy this trait design is. You can check out my opinion on it, here: [Ruining in-game progression: Hextech origin, as if Cursed Blade wasn't enough!]( But I'm not gonna talk about the trait itself here, but instead I'm gonna talk about one of the reasons that pushed Riot to come up with this horrible new origin. This is not speculative, this is actually what they said in their Feature Feedback section, on PBE (source linked to this thread): > We added the Hextech units for a few reasons: > * To give some counter options to strong items. If you are losing to an RFC volibear, you can tech in some Hextech units and try to shut them down which can be devastating. * To expand on some of our existing traits. Having an early path to Blademaster through Camille, or Shapeshifter through Jayce opens up some early game options for example. * To add some new units with very specific purposes through their spells. Vi in particular is a great option and bursting down the back line carries which means comps and positioning need to change pretty dramatically. Jinx also opens up another late game carry option, so we don’t see Draven in every game. * Simply to expand our roster. Having more units and more possibilities changes the game, and also makes forcing specific options a bit harder. We think we’re getting close to the max count for a good set, so this will allow us to see the impact of adding 1 unit into every pool. I actually agree with reasons N° 2, 3 and 4. They seem pretty reasonable and logical. Except they are not specific reasons that only apply to Hextech units, they can use the same reasons for when they reveal new traits, or units, and it will still makes sense, since these reasons are very general and can be applied to anything. But, I digress! The 1st reason, however, is just... WOW! So let's see why I made this thread and why does this 1st reason bothers me so much. > To give some counter options to strong items... So instead of nerfing said " **strong** " and broken items, like {{item:3137}}, your solution is to come up with a more " strong " and broken trait to counter them. WTF kinda logic is that? > ...If you are losing to an RFC volibear, you can tech in some Hextech units and try to shut them down... Which begs the question: Why not nerf RFC and/or Volibear in the 1st place, since you just admitted that you're aware of the fact that they are " _**strong**_ " (as in, OP and broken)? Many people have been complaining about Volibear being able to apply on-hit effects with his ability. The Aoe stuns, the AoE silence, the AoE disarm, the AoE mana burn (Darkin Volibear), etc. So instead of tackling the issue in question, you totally ignored it and created a bigger problem (Hextech) to deal with this current problem (OP items and Volibear's on-hit effect application). And the worst part is, you don't even realize the problem you just created! So let me explain the disaster that awaits us all and explain why some items and the Hextech trait are OP and need to go away. Here is a small example: Let's say I build Rangers and I put {{item:3087}} and {{item:3124}} on my **3 star Vayne** (or any ranger for that matter) in the hope that she carries me to victory. I get matched vs a player using Hextech units and Gunslingers. His jinx has {{item:3137}}, **Hush** and **Sword Breaker**, because Gunslingers, duh! Well guess what? **BOOM**! My frontline is gone, because they don't stand a chance vs Jinx's items. Both items on my vayne got disabled, now they're just offering the raw stats and nothing more, which is useless. Vayne gets shrunk, silenced but lucky for me not disarmed. " _NICE! I still have a chance, come on Vayne, you can do it! Oh! Wait! Why aren't you attacking faster? I gave you 2 items, no?_ " - as I think to myself. Well too bad... My carry is standing still, doing nothing but attacking at base speed because her items are irrelevant due to Hextech trait being in the game! So now I feel bad because I just lost a fight, after spending all my time trying to upgrade my Vayne to level 3 and stuffing her with items, only to lose vs a player who just negated all the progress that I've accomplished, with his 3 OP and broken items on Jinx and the Hextech trait! I didn't lose to his team, I just lost to 3 OP items and a broken trait, that's it. The enemy comp could have been different every time, but as long as he has those 3 items and the Hextech trait, he will always win! " _It's ok! I can still place top 4. My Vayne is 3 stars and got 2 good items that go well with her ability. Oh, wait! What is this? 3 other players are going Hextech too?! and they have Shrink as well? OMG... I guess I don't get to play the game, then _" - as I tell myself, while hovering the cursor on the exit button. > ...which can be devastating. No sh*t, Sherlock! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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