EUW litterally cant play support

Its just so funny, i tried for a long to play Vayne on EUW, and it didnt went well, but i also had to learn to play Vayne, and i improved and it got better, but its still pretty bad on EUW. Then i ranked my EUNE account up to about same rank as this one and i also play Vayne there. I can tell you its much better to play Vayne on EUNE, people there know much better how to play support. And the funny thing is support is such an easy role yet people dont understand. They think oh we just pick Leona or brand and we gucci. No those champions are actually bad as supports, like i had a Zilean game where i just annihilated their brand support but whatever.... And also when they dont wanna buy support items ,, hillarious. Then when i play support its just so easy when the other support doesnt know whats going on. But i dont wanna play support every game i wanna play vayne too. Sad times on EUW
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