Please, supports...

AP Supports doesn't take DORAN'S RING. If you're Morgana, Lux, or Annie you don't fucking take Doran's Ring... THEY START WITH A SPELLTHIEF. It's better for you. {{item:3303}} Supports ALWAYS buy sightstone. 'Why?' BECAUSE VISION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE GAME. {{item:2049}} {{item:2045}} Sorry guys, just a bit pissed off I was just with a supp Lux that took Doran's, I was okay with that till she got Mejai's then after I told her to buy a sightstone she said 'Why?' Yi got angry and started flaming her, she said 'You got eyes, use them fag*ot.' Yep. I can see the fog of war with my fucking eyes. Bot lane was babysitted so hard, Irelia ganked 7 times while Zed alone came up 3 times, not to count a teleport by Cho'Gath from the top lane.. While our jungler coudln't gank because as soon as he tries to gank they all back off.
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