Why im losing 1 game and win 1 ? (Enemy team irelia 200 cs at 25 my team 60 cs at 30)

I heard that people said if you win 1 and lose 1 you are where you deserve but my winrate was 49,54% now its 48,82% so im not where i should be yet but im still going 1 win 1 lose and sometimes losing streak and back to 1 win 1 lose why?? So i am where i belong based on my team being iron and playing vs gold 1 and losing? 57% 100 games winrate vs 39% 20 games I was gold 2 almost and demoted to 4 then 2 then 4. And now that im 4 im unable to win again any games btw what i say above my team when i lose has 50 cs at 30 and enemy 250 every game i lose or is lower level than the support... Or just trolls and does nothing waits to lose. (My match history LP) +19 -19 +17 -17 +18 -18 -,- =0 LP I cant aynmore get my winrate to 50% im at 1184 rankeds and gold i made it to gold 2 months ago first time,but i have been gold from season 6-7 in flex but not even 3 or 2 as now, just 4. So whats the problem? Comment below thanks. (I think its the matchmaking in my opinion) Please no hate for any spelling mistakes.
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