About lootboxes and reward system

When the lootbox system was launched we still didn't have the new leveling up system or the chance to buy random champion shards from the store. Even then,dropping a champion shard felt underwhelming,to the point of ruling out the possibility of buying any lootbox for me,and I believe I was not alone sharing the same feeling. With the new leveling up system we drop champions shards from capsules , boxes and we can buy champion shards from the store. We have three separate systems for dropping the same kind of loot! Provided that lootboxes are rewarded for good behavior AND performance which could be taken away when the account is punished,it feels absolutely underwhelming to drop a champion shard. So,in my opinion boxes should not contain champion shards as they feel underwhelming and redundant, as well as not fitting properly in your good behavior system. My opinion might be biased because I have unlocked all the champions and have enough BE for the next 10 champions, so when I roll a champion shard I think "oh well,another wasted box opening". I would like to hear your opinion Summoners, especially from new players or player still struggling to complete their rosters to know if your feeling is the same.
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