what champ to buy ?

i have 78 champs left to buy , and most of them arent ones i can play , like {{champion:55}} , {{champion:238}} or {{champion:157}} , but i also have some really op champs i havent bought yet , like {{champion:53}} , {{champion:412}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:202}} as well as some champs i liked during free rotation like {{champion:119}} , {{champion:498}} , {{champion:104}} , {{champion:203}} but the problem with those is , i dont know if i would really play them , i like playing ADC with champs like {{champion:18}} , {{champion:81}} and {{champion:222}} , and generally, the other ones arent that mobility focused (since trist and ez can easily chase after champs with their abilities and jinx has her passive now , i really like playing {{champion:89}} , would {{champion:53}} and {{champion:412}} be something for me ? i really never played them much but i guess theres a reason they are so popular , until i started maining {{champion:89}} , i only played squishy supports ({{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:16}} ) and blitz was a nightmare early game , i mainly started learning leo so they cant do much against me lastly , i really play alot of aram right now , so i dont really want champs in my pool that i cant play , like right now i got seju bc of free rotation i want to get enough champs in my owned pool to reduce the chance of free rotation champs sinks alot , but i will also get back into summoners rift more sooner or later
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