So how do I improve my map awareness?

Hello, I've been playing League for a few years now, and honestly, I've always had terrible map awareness, or none at all to be fair. Although it's always had impact on my games, it's something I've really been noticing a lot lately, just getting ganked from behind outta nowhere and not even knowing I'm getting ganked (due to my eyes being on my lane 24/7); my jungler getting invaded and me not even coming because I didn't notice him ping or didn't see the enemy jungler on the map and loads of other situations such as a very pushed lane I could've ganked or a countergank I could've made and etc. So yeah, it's become pretty bad and although I've been trying to focus on looking at the map, I'm just not sure how the hell I should do it. Either my eyes are on the map and I end up missing some CS or eating some harass or I just don't look at the map, and honestly I end up forgetting that the map even exists a few minutes into the game. I know it's going to be a difficult process since I've been playing League like this for a very long time and getting used to something completely new is a difficult process, yet I believe it's something which would greatly improve my performance. So what I'm asking for here is generally any kind of advice, perhaps some way to practice it, your methods of playing the game yet still being aware of the map or, well, just about anything which would help me out. Thanks in advance, ~Manatee.
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