Riot are slowly killing champion diversity.

Champions that need a nerf stay as they are or get consistantly buffed (Easy to master, brainless to play) Champions that need a buff never get one or are reworked and destroyed. Champions that are unique like Azir/Kled etc which have a unique kit and are hard to master are just Trash Tier.. many champs that are actually interesting and have a high skill cap are not rewarding to play. What I'm trying to get at is League just seems like WoW's shitfest from Cata - WoD just sitting around Dalaran all day.. waiting to progress with the same braindead content. Riot are making Champion diversity almost pointless.. they are making counterplay increasingly difficuilt and simplifying and buffing champions that are already easy and strong enough to play with/against. Everything just feels smothered onto players, like you MUST play these champions otherwise the sacrifice of losing LP and time is constant. I fear the game in its current state ( excluding pro players/LCS) is awful. I feel like SOLOQ games are decided before the match even plays out on which team has managed to pick the untouchable champs in the Banning phase! And even then, when we are forced to play with/as those champions.. there is really no satisfaction in winning/playing with them, but then again playing and losing LP is just as unsatisfying! its a NO WIN situation. Please improve the Balence or atleast look at nerfing/buffing champions accordingly.
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