Would you swap roles with a troll?

I just had a game of ranked (1st placement match) and came across a guy who was intended my adc. He decided to first pick Bruam bot, He didn't say anything in chat, but my team or more like my top laner insisted that I were to go adc instead. I didn't know how to play adc, so I just decided "I might as well try to win lane with Bruam as well" as I locked in Pyke Support. My top got super furious that I was picking a support as support and didn't want to dodge cause he wanted to report me. The game basically got won thanks to Me, Lee and Kayle who hard carried the game. I stomped bot lane 1vs2 without Bruam's help basically ruled over the game. So here's my question for you guy, if you were in my position, got your carry up and all. And some troll players wants you to switch roles cause they decided to troll. Would you do it? As in placement matches, dodging result as a loss. So You cannot dodge. You basically got 2 options. Agree to swap with the troll and guarantee that you will lose lane cause of your inexperience in that role but might have trolls that can carry, OR try to Hard carry with 2 intentionally feeding trolls.
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