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I am getting tired of loosing games cause of bugs. Invincible Skill animations, Hecarims who autohit me over a wall in a 500 m range Morgana Q's who aim before the tower and hit me behind the tower... even my teammates agress. Seriously whats wrong with the game community? They use ANYTHING possible to get an unfair advantage.. even if its illegal and agains Law. (ddos attacks, client injecting,macros, ScriptAI) Game Breaking Bugs/Glitches/Exploits that currently exist in league of legends: MAJOR bugs: - Game Crashes when Chroma skins in enemy team use random skills - Morgana Q ignoring Caster Minion Colision when using the Green Haunted Chroma Skin - Hecarim Can autohit you over walls - Leonas Zenith Blade Animation is invisible in Project:Leona skin. (so i couldnt outplay Leona with Janna tornado, cause i couldnt saw the animation) Minor bugs: - Morgana/Lux Q hitbox not working as intendet - Darius Ult doesnt reset on kill when the enemy had a shield
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