First time in Ranked

So i wanna discuss about a topic that I have been encountering since I startet to play this game (I'm not gonna lie, I started playing since september 2016 and started Ranked only in mid season 7. Only normal or custom till then). The people playing champ for the first time in ranked. I really don't understand these people. I understand that the game might get boring sometimes to play and I, too, different chams all the time. The point I wanna focus on is why do you start a game with a champ when you don't even know your spells work and of course you lose the game. But leaving that apart, let's suppose you win your lane thanks to the jungler/other players, can you carry with a champ that you don't know how works? Of course this thread is about low elo so bronze to gold. At the moment I'm in promo for gold so I'm not a pro or whatever but seeing people ruining my and other people's game makes me really angry and toxic. Yeah, I admit it. I become really toxic when it comes to this topic. I understand if you are having a bad match-up or a bad game or being camped etc. but losing a game where you fail spells or Autoattacks or whatever you want makes me really angry. Before starting ranked I played only 3 champs for like 100 draft games and brought them to level 7. Learnt all the tricks and tips. Played in a lot of situations. What i'm trying to say that I gained some experience first and THEN locked them in in ranked. What I want to suggest is that the game should allow to play champs in ranked only after 5 matches in normal/draft and not let people play champ just released or reworked right after their release. Let pass at least 3-5 days.
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