Alistar support..

Recently started alistar support and i like it alot...currently gold 5 But im facing sometimes adcs that need my 24/7 protection... What i mean is if we do well early and get a kill. Once i get speed boots i want to go roam mid and help get a kill there... What happens is that mid knows im coming and cant gank and in the mean time my adc gets killed... So pretty much the problem is my adc are mostly good but cant adapt to situations and dont know how to play safe... So i feel in these games i have to babysit this adc which most likely cant play safe when farming in mid and late game... Is this the job of alistar should i just hug this person everywhere he goes i go? Or accept that he may die a few times and try helpin with the rest of team...even that sometimes wont succeed ofcourse..
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