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I play league since season 4 and took some breaks from about a month in this time. So i have already spend a ton of time playing this awesome game. Today i did the math about how much ip it is going to cost me to unlock all champs there are. Currently i need 66 more to have them all. It would cost me 283800 IP on the cheapest way to have them all (using shards for 6300 champs) On a tempo of 500 IP a day it would take me 568 extra days to get al champions (+- 2 seasons) We have to add an extra 18 runepage to this + any icon i may like to buy to this and we are pretty fast at (500 000 ip that i need extra to unlock everything) In the time of unlocking all of this new champions will come out and we have to add that to the bill too... This is insane.... For all champions alone a player need to play 4 seasons of league of legends I don't think this is quite good cuze every champion opens a different angle to play the game. After all these thing we get in the situation where the season 1 players are now they have a lot of ip but can't do anything with it. In my opinion the lvl 6 and lvl 7 champion mastery icon were great to get them something to do with the ip aswell. But more is needed for sure. Proposals: -I think ip shoud be easier to get or champs should be cheaper. A weekly Sunday party bonus would be pretty nice to do to get people IP faster. It would also make people play more with friends so there would be less toxicity. - Make a place where people can bet there IP on lcs matches. This would make more people follow the lcs scene. Make IP more viable for some people and make people with tons of ip also do something with it for fun. -Make a kind of honor button at the end of each game that rewards the player with 100 IP (player 1 ip -100 player 2 ip + 100) like this people with tons of ip can be nice to people who are nice ing that dont have enough IP. This type of honor would aslo remove toxicity at least with people that dont have enough ip because this type of honor would mean more then a stupid message. - You could release skin shards or icon shards for a price of 2500 IP like you did with the champion shards. -Give the tier 3 runes also a lower cost ( between 1 and 200 ip each) - Let people pay IP on the site to vote how many % of the time there favorite temporaly gamemode will be the temporaly gamemode that month. (You can do like 2 of the gamemodes of the month are voted for the others choosed by you guys) Like this people who have tons of IP can use their IP aswell. -Give players IP when they level up their champ, this doesnt have to be much but would make the level up system even nicer to do. -Give players a daily comeback bonus like many other games do. (e.g. first day 20 IP second day in a row you log on 40 IP third day 60 IP and on) This would encourage people to play more and would create a great extra IP income for people who play a lot. -Make it that you can rent skins for 7 days with IP e.g. you pay 6300 IP to be able to play with gravelord azir for 7 days. This would be very nice for the people that have unlocked everything and make it possible for people to test skins before buying them permanent. I think these things would have a great impact on the game and the IP system even if not all of them happen. sorry for my bad english and please vote this poste up so a riot employee sees this.7 Thanks for reading jere1223
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