ELI5: How to kite with player attack move etc?

Hey, i hope i dont come across as a moron, but i've watched a few 'how to kite' videos, but im still really confused. I tried playing with it in practice tool and bot games but i dont seem to be able to set up the right settings etc... 1) What is the difference between player attack move, etc 2) Is there a difference in having your bindings in 'set a' or 'set b'? 3) What is the point of the 'target champions only button', i know its meant to only focus champions, but whenever i press it ( i bind it to 'x') it doesn't focus the champion/target dummy? Do i have to hold it? Press LEFT mouse button or the RIGHT button? 4) Same thing with the other attack moves, do i have to press right or left mouse buttons 5) Does the option 'target enemy closest to your cursor' mess with any of the other attack moves? Its really frustrating that i still dont know how to set all of this up correctly and now i messed up all my previous settings since i pressed 'restore defaults', but yeah. Thanks in advance
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