"Change is good" oh wait a minute..

Played the game since 2012. I've seen a lot of patches, pre-season changes but nothing like this.. it is a complete different game Runes wise i feel like we are being imposed to go a certain path.. we are being led to go ham or get crushed. We can't really prepare for any matchup. you get a scaling champ with a weak early game and you get stomped. But that is "somewhat" acceptable. We always had different metas that made a type of champ or a role more op but what i can't stand is this urgency or maybe desperation to make the game more interesting. A rune that allows you to change summoners? gives you free stuff? why do we have to reinvent the wheel? This game is turning into a "clown fiesta". Is there any point in building strategies for your lane if your opponent can just switch summoners? And the cherry on top of the cake is the new champ.. zoe!! Just check her w.. honestly. Make a summoner that allows you to change champion with another player during game..oh oh wait.. and make it with a 180 s cooldown. WOW Randomizing the game like this is going to have a positive impact ? Now we are all in the "wow, look at that" moment but after a while is just going to get frustrating. And the professional scene? how do you prepare for a champion that can pick up summoner spells by killing minions or by picking yours when you use them? i feel like this is just.. " Let's do completely different and unusual things so they buy it" Let's milk it while we can. ps.: Hey i got to lvl 30 years ago.. that means that i arrived.. now lets start PERIOD. From now on my lp will say where i am and thats it. honorable mention to the compensation, long time players got.. i got the message.. done with the old, welcome the new!!
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