How does Normal game matchmaking work?

I actually want to know. Knowledge has never hurt anyone. Since, no matter from which perspective I look at this, I don't understand it. Here's an example: I played a normal game with friend today (**premade 2**). These are the teams: (I don't see the point in hiding the names, since you can see it from match history anyway) And here's the outcome: Now I have heard stories about MMR being different in normal and rankeds. I believe that. But on the other hand, is there anyone that actualy believes, that our level 29 and unranked level 30, who have ~100-200 normal wins have the same MMR as the diamonds we played against? Really? How is that stuff even possible? How the duck can level 29 be matched against diamonds, if we are not 5 premades? I see no logic behind this. And I don't even mind being stomped in 20 minutes. I'm not mad about the 1/16 bot lane we had. That actually makes me sad. I think the point of match is to improve. Or am I wrong? Is there anything at all, that our team's 2 unranked players, who have basically just recently got their level to 30, will learn something from being stomped by diamonds and platinums in 20 minutes? Imho, I think something is wrong with your system Rito and you need to check it.

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