It's OUR red buff!

Story Time. PvP Normal Game. Alright sit tight it's not a rant, so no worries. At start of the game our jungler headed topside for blue buff. My premade and I warded red buff and was about to head back to the lane, when suddenly we find the enemy is planning for invade. The enemy is hiding in the warded bush and we standing in the opposite bush and of course none of the enemy tried to ward the area, so they didn't know we were there. We ping and ping and ping over and over for help (even our midlaner started pinging as well xD). We wrote in chat "hey we r getting invaded, help red buff is being stolen. " We try everything we could to get this top side any attention. But no. Not a word replied. Not a single thing came out of our jungler. Nothing. Radio silent. So I got defensive, it's OUR red buff, I'm not losing it without a fight! So my premade and I engage with the enemy, and with the help of our midlaner, we secure a kill on enemy adc and I get our red buff before the enemy jg smite it. Victorious, I head back to the lane equipped with red buff (I was adc). A little but later into the game our jungler finally head bot side and asks : "Hey where did my red buff go?" "Why do you have my red buff?" Question to all junglers out ty there. Did I do the right thing or not? Because, our jungler sounded very skeptical about the whole thing and said no ganks bot. I was really confused. I think I did okay by defending the red buff. It's our red buff. You can't just invade and expect me to leave it. I will fight for it. Enlighten me please. If our jungle is getting invaded. What to do? _***~~GG~~***_
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