Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, and why you should praise the simpleness of the Ultimate skin.

Riot announces a new skin tier, higher than epic or legendary. The first ever Ultimate skin was Pulsefire Ezreal. Pulsefire Ezreal came with an extremely expansive voice over with many different interactions, custom kill effect, new animations, new effects and form changing. This bewildered many people and was seen as an unbeatable god skin which if you had it, you had the most bragging rights. This was Riot's first full-on money making skin. This was THE skin. ___ People were loving Pulsefire Ezreal thinking they were the best skin users in LoL... ...for that moment. A godly skin crashed into the Rift. Spirit Guard Udyr. Everything Ezreal had, Udyr made greater. New spell effects, new animations. Unique minion, champion AND monster kill effects. But the biggest feature, which blasted Pulsefire Ezreal out of the water... The choice of form changing. This is where the escalation begins. ___ Udyr had his time, and now a bigger; greater; groovier ultimate skin comes in. DJ Sona. Nerfing her from being the "better ultimate skin" clause from her, she did not gain kill effects, massive voice overs and special interactions. No, just like how she's a support; she supported allies with her skin. She gained the power to share music. This didn't drive people away from the previous ultimate skins, but she made a big impact; being the most unique ultimate skin of the three. Music sharing? You've basically granted your whole team and ultimate experience. Three different styles, not changing her animations in the slightest. Still looking and controlling like the same Sona. Without this unique game-changing feature; it would've been just barely a good enough legendary skin. But the uniqueness of DJ Sona was so pungent to the existence of ultimate skins, it meant the players had high expectations for the next. Riot had to do something to somehow top off the ability to 'share' your ultimate skin. ___ **Elementalist Lux.** At first was just a rumor on a chinese forum. Then seen in the PBE game files. Then seen in the PBE store. Elementalist Lux looked at first like a legendary skin, its first skin splash leak looking as if she was using multiple elements at once. New splash art leaked. Only a nicely made dress. People were curious. The cinematic was released. Three forms? Already people were hyped for the obvious ultimate skin. PBE gets their hands on the skin. SkinSpotlights release a new video. 23 Minutes long? What? Not one, not three, TEN forms. Ten forms which, are indeed locked into a 'skin' mission allowing Lux to get two unique transformations in one match. But there was another thing. All forms had unique effects, voice lines and recalls with slight edits to their emotes. These weren't forms. These weren't chromas. These were 10 legendary skins inside of one ultimate skin. This was a full on money bowl for Riot. People loved the skin too much. Being able to change your _pseudo-legendary_ skin in-game was a must have ultimate skin. ___ 2018. People hear a new Ultimate skin is to be released. Kai'sa was released, her skin hinting at Miss Fortune. An ultimate skin? No way, that's gotta be a legendary skin. All of the player base squealed it had to be a legendary skin. This was an ultimate skin. Let's all be honest, people felt dejected. Miss Fortune's stance? Pretty much the same. Abilities and animations? Pretty much the same. Form-changing? Pretty much the same. The skin was a major flop which even Riot could recognize wasn't good enough and sold it at the Ultimate discount price; the same price Elementalist Lux was when on sale. Of course, they didn't do a last minute skin scrap like they did Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank; it was too late for that and people wanted a new Ultimate skin at the time. Just chroma changing? Only in base? Everyone was pretty bummed out. ____ Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, though in every single sense doesn't match up to current ultimate skins should be seen as an example of the perfect ultimate skin when working when rushed. The leaks basically came out too early, at-least that's what I can believe. The skin was either going to be an unfair legendary skin, or a lackluster ultimate skin. We should be glad it was only made into an ultimate skin. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune if she was a legendary skin would be the new set example for legendary skins to fill in. We all need to understand when you go high you must go higher. The bar for quality never goes down, only up. Can I honestly say to myself Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is a quality ultimate skin? YES! So she's just nearly as much as Pulsefire Ezreal packs in as a skin. Big deal. This compared to Pulsefire Ezreal is just as ultimate. They've stopped trying to set the bar higher than Lux until they find a way to add uniqueness while not interrupting game clarity. For now, I see Gun Goddess Miss Fortune as good as a mystic skin. It gives the perfect effects and details to make a champion look almost reworked like Super Galaxy Rumble and Pulsefire Caitlyn does, while still retaining ultimate status with chroma and effect changing. If I could throw Gun Goddess Miss Fortune into the Mystic Loot Exclusives like Hextech Annie and Lancer Zero Hecarim for 15 - 20 Gemstones, I sure as hell would. She's perfect. Not greater, but perfect.
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