Objective game play, why does no one push turrets anymore?

Just a short little rant, it seems to me that people don't want to push objectives and I can't see why? Is it because people are so worried about their kda that they won't go for those pushes or what? I'll use my last game as an example, I had a leblanc on my team mid who was 1/3. Their Eve jungle was literally sitting on bot (that's not hyperbole she actually was) and Zoe roamed bot 4 times in 12 minutes, and then there was a good 2-3 minutes where Zoe, their adc support and jungle were all bot, there was literally no one mid and I'm watching this Leblanc just last hitting minions, when confronted as to why she isn't pushing I get a torrent of toxic behaviour from her and she says she's not pushing because she'll get one shot, FROM WHO?! Putting all that aside even if she pushed mid and someone came mid to deal with her then at least it takes one person away from bot and even if she dies she'll get the turret eventually and imo dying twice for a turret when you're already feeding is worth. Seeing as putting aside all the other advantages of taking mid turret just on gold alone you're giving the entire team a massive gold boost. Either way you're Leblanc with 2 dashes + flash I can't see any one actually being able to kill her It's just something to think about if you are like minded like Leblanc just think to yourself what is the advantage of my pushing right now as oppose to not? She also had like 100 cs at 33 minute with 6.3k damage so I actually don't even know what she was doing :p
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