Galio nerf?

I myself these past 7-8 patches have been playing more and more the guy and now that I finally had a grasp of his true power and ability to turn the tied in your teams favor no matter the obstacle Riot "flipin" games goes and nerfs Galio to the ground. In the current state Galio is un playable as a support where he finally found a home with a solid 49% ish winrate after they took away his original ability to give an ally resistances. But now after 9.14 Galio has lost majority of his kit and even worse what's left has little there to be desired. He can't clear waves nor he no longer can safely approach engages in bot-lane, further more I with how they left his W it would look that they simply didn't want him to continue being played. I guess the new meta switch they are pushing simply doesn't have space for a champion that can't be hooked for free... I really hope to see that they don't leave him like he's right now, and give him a new purpose in life. He has been gutted, now the time for his rebirth anew.
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