The mordkaiser rework's ult is honestly just insulting

I've never ever publicly complained about any aspect of the game, knowing that not only balancing, but all around coming up with new stuff has to be really hard, but what sets this apart is the fact that when they reworked fiora, they made an article about the different ults they were considering, and said that they ultimately scrapped a forcing-1v1-ult because they admitedly figured out it was broken and wrong af. And yet here we are, they implemented that same ult on another champion and guess what, it gets 2v1 kills with the press of a button, saves allies' ass, negates people from teamfights, prevents them from escaping, dodges skillshots and much more, all the while having the chance to %%%% up yo%%%%eammates if used wrong, all around a terribly designed ult and again they. %%%%ing. k%%%%it. And this is just upsetting at this point. Also why not make it so that the "face me in a fair duel" ult completely breaks the fairness of it giving a HUGE upper hand to morde's stats; and not to mention kiting/running is barely a thing and only for few select champs, as he not only has a grab, but also a movespeed buff with an aoe half of the arena. (Edit: take this paragraph with a grain of salt: it's not my main argumentation) Mark my words the stat steal will be the first removed thing (Edit: I won't be an hypocrite and delete this last comment but I admit it was unnecessary). Thank you for reading. Edit: I'm not complaining about the champ being op, nor about his kit in general, but only about his ult specifically; also I won't accept the buy qss argument, you'll find my argumentation in the comments)
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