State of Jungle

So i just wanted to give some thoughts and maybe frustration about the current or maybe even long time jungle state. Since Jungle is the one role that plays completly different from lanes(since it is not a lane) The toxicity towards junglers who dont give up on their own farming and gold income for their team and win every lane and defend against the enemy jungler is something else. You are supposed to push out for your lanes after a gank waste time behind a lane to cover so they can push out, you need their priority to not be afraid of invades in your jungle or you need them for crab contention but even when they have priority in low elo that doesnt mean they help you... And then they take your camps despite you getting more xp and getting more gold too on crabs but like who cares about the jungler to benefit from jungle stuff right. I get that it is hard for them to know what is important for the jungle since the lane islands are very different in playstyle and i know that may sounded alot like crying about SoloQ, but i would prefer if this was about improvments to the jungle. Riot themselves already seems to have plans to relief a little pressure from junglers that they have to fight around crabs and need help from their laners which you dont often get anyway(cuz champselect doesnt care about priority in soloq) but i would like it even more if their was a stronger indicator for laners to know it is bad to take away camps from your jungler can %%%% up his pathing, lvl powerspikes etc. later into the game it might is not so bad usually your jungle is completly empty by your team as jungler you dont get any xp especially not bonus xp that is only for you ... and if you are the most fed member of your team you even get punished for farming minions in lanes so it is actually %%%%%%ed to do that tradeoff but since people in Soloq have no understanding about those jungle Rules put upon you, sucks for you the Jungler. What are solutions? It is certainly hard to just raise the awareness of laners about jungle knowledge its too much for everyone below high elo so it really needs to be obvious i would personally raise the bonus XP and lower the generel XP same for Gold Stealing enemy camps for none junglers would this way still heavily be punishing but it is so much more rewarding if you do it as a jungler and Invading is always one of the more riskier moves. For the crabs i would keep the number always at 2. The first few crabs after only spawn on one side and are one of the camps that are worth the most and can determinate your pathing since you need it you have to get it first or fight around it which forces your hand giving it up means loosing out but since it spawns random on one side it can also ruin your efficincy in your pathing and often forces you to alter it or give it up if you want to gank on the opposite side of the crab since their is a flash down for example so you get punished and your opponent maybe even rewarded since you cant contest him. So i would like to see to see always 2 crabs spawning on both sides at the same time so every part either can get one or even fights for both with his team but you dont have to alter your path depending on the random spawns of the crab. {{champion:427}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:203}} im just a sad jungler looking for some condolence for all the supportive junglers out there on the Rift
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