My first experience of ranked in 5 years

I normally play normals, just to unwind and have some fun, try new builds and champs etc. This year I thought I'd try ranked, to give myself a new challenge. I'm 5 games into my placement and I'd just though I'd let you know how it's going so far: Game 1 - Auto-filled Lux support. The player quality was the worst I've ever seen, I finished at 22-3-18, not a normal result for me. None the less, finished the game feeling positive. Game 2 - Jungle left after 10 mins, we lost. Not good. Game 3 - Our mid laner was 0-3 after 6 mins and our top laner gave up at that point. He then proceeded to int for the rest of the game. We managed to pull ourselves back, carry the still inting top laner and win. Very frustrating but I'll take the W. Game 4 - My support came to lane with no item apart from 1 healing pot, refused to stop killing my creeps, then went top lane after about 8 mins and left me. Mid laner left after 12 mins. We lost. Game 5 - I've just finished this game, leading to this post. We zone in, get to our positions. Top (still in base) says he has to go. While we're trying to work out what's happening, our jung gets killed, my support says remake, we can't. Due to this, our jungle, now behind, goes top and dies 4 times in 4 minutes. My support goes mid, dies a few times then afk's in base. Jungle/top then gives up and sits in base. We loose after 14 mins with 3 afk in base. I'm currently sat at 80 LP in Iron IV. This is the worst experience I've ever had in League. I'm about to try some more, I'll update as I go. Not hopeful.
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