Syndra's E is impossible to dodge.

It doesn't even respect the model of the ball when it is traveling, the hitbox is way bigger than what it looks like. And it is impossible to dodge, I can dodge a damn Nidalee spear from less than 3 Teemos away, but that travel speed is so big you can't dodge it when combined with the hitbox, and to make it worse, in close range (if you plan to pick an Assassin) is even harder to dodge, cuz you virtually can't, she pushes you instantly into the ball even if you are between the ball and her, the spell is too forgiving for her, it works out in any situation. It cost me a game with Lux , I was trying to get a small lead by farming better so I had 100 farm in minute 11 when she had around 80, I thought I had that going for me and then comes one max range impossible to dodge E and dead I was. Narrow it or slow it down, just do something.
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