Twisted Treeline has to stay

3v3 is probably my most played gamemode. It's so nice having a gamemode where you can play without random people in your team and even just as a custom map it's great fun. 3v3 is not balanced but 5v5 isn't either, just let us play 3v3 it's the only place where offmeta champions shine. In 3v3 Taric is a Demigod, that's super cool imo also the old mordekaiser was really strong. Other champs you barely see in 5v5 are reallly strong here. It offers diversity, smaller teams, cool custom maps and the queue times were never longer than 3. There are days when i find a queue in 5 seconds. I have multiple friends with whom i only play Twisted Treeline, cause it's amazing. Please don't remove this!! Even the matchmaking isn't that bad, i mostly play against people that are gold (like me) and sometimes it's platinum or silver. Even when I play with a friend who's Master in 5v5 we still have fair matches where 1 guy of the enemy is also a lot better. This is still with normal queue times. I don't agree with this decision at all, apparently it doesn't affect their income but I at least have bought skins for champions i SOLELY play in 3v3 cause they're not viable or fun in 5v5. Save Twisted Treeline!
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