Mordekaiser nerf!

maybe Mordekaiser needs a HUGE nerf... big time. he is way overpowered with his passive thingy. . either he should get a nerf or a little tiny rework where it works diffrently. add it to his ult or something. its beyond stupid and disgusting how broken that champ is. but changing it now would happen never eh?? that passivve thing is just a part of his kit right? well if things is gonna be balanced evryone in the game should have a fighting chanse against whoever they walk up against, like aatrox. for years his gaurdian angel passive was a part of his kit. now its completly taken away unless you are good. wich makes him close to useless if you are behind. is that fair?? before it was a passive activating evry 3-5min or something?? why take that away? you should atleaste be able to pop an ulti and have guardian angel passive active. so you have a fighting chanse even if you are behind! like.. there are just too many changes to evry new champ that completly ruins them for some people who mained them for years, only to put them up against other champs who kicks your ass and 2 others with you because he is that op.. CMON!
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