Fiora's weird changes

Hello everybody! Just my opinion on new Fiora. She's beautiful and amazing! But still i'm getting lots of "she's underpowered and weak". No she's not, she's not at all! But still Riot buffs her on PBE which is absolutely weird! I have played like 10 games with her atm and lost just one of that, she can trade even 1v3 with her new ulti, just needs some reaction and smart using of skills. And what i'm afraid of is that you'll turn her into another op-boring champion, who's not even interesting to play. Right now she's PERFECTLY balanced, just like Lee in my opinion, please don't break her, she's so fun. She gives such a great feeling of footwork and mobility, so i beg you - stop creating more boring champs as kata :c Still love you, Rito, thanks for a great rework! :3
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