why riot hate some chamption and love each other?

i just have this quastion why riot hate some champions and love each other so much? ; i mean i remember after mid-season 2015 zyra just got more nerf but some champions like trynda or yi just got more buff and never nerf!!!! i mean why 1.15 yi late can got penta ?! i cant remember one day i not ban yi in a single game!! when i say just nerf zyra i mean in any update like:replase old passvie with stuped passive -.- zyra have W not this this passive change runes! with old runes if just buy magic pen zyra got better dmg but now?.... and the %%%king new nerf **-8% dmg delth and +8% dmg taken**????and dont worry **trynda and talon and akali** got buff and **ashe,sivir,janna,zyra** nerf... {{champion:122}} **note:** iron and bronze players think zyra still op most learn how dodge hits -.- its about brain not champ i mean learn dodge blitz Q and blitz is nothing{{champion:53}}
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