New game mode idea

It's from Warcraft 3 custom map: Rabbits vs Sheep. Rules: **1.** 2 little arenas (for each team) **2.** 2 teams (5 players) **3. **Random champions **4.** Both teams need to defend yourself from enemy minions(not rabbits/sheep) who spawns in the middle of arena **5.** You can buy items from shop or regain a little amount of mana in the fountain (both places are placed in opposite directions) **6.** You can upgrade your minions dmg/hp/armor, give boosts like speed/attack speed or spawn big minions for gold to make it harder for opponents **7.** Minions are mostly melee. You can buy ranged minions. (but it depends on riot how they will modify this gamemode) **8. **you lose if all teammates die or there will be too many minions on area (idk how many, 100? 200? 300? 500? depends on gamemode) It's should be like ARAM. Available all the time because it's mini game like ARAM. You can learn champions easily when playing it. It's really fun and it will be more because you have a lot of champions in game now. You can go to youtube to check this map(it it seems boring but i remember i had a lot of fun with friends trying not to die to 200 minions and we were defending ourselves like heroes :D) and you need to chose between places who gives mana or shop, buy items for dmg, armor, hp pots or upgrade minions. I hope u will really consider adding this gamemode to the game. BTW Sry for english.
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