Just a champion worse than Teemo

Kai'sa Support... {{champion:145}} has a Disease called "Old Nidalee syndrome" But this time worse 1. Void Seeker has a range of 3000, this means she can fire it behind her turret up to the the last brush 2. The hitbox of Void Seeker is a lot bigger than the old Nidalee Q 3. The travel speed of Void Seeker is actually a lot faster Offcourse no way she would get out of the laning fase. But this is where {{champion:25}} comes in. Morgana has the ability to safely farm from a distance and with her blackshield she's safe enouge for most engages. Jungle ganks are nice and all but we all known how fun it is to gank a morgana lane. Just like with the old Nidalee you auto win lategame. But is the win really worth facing this abomination.
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