What the heck is matchmaking?

Out of my last 5 games, I randomly had low gold, silver or even lvl 27 players in my games. Enemy team and rest of my team is plat / dia as it should be, but 4 games someone legit just doesnt know what he's doing, shouldnt be in the game and feeds his ass off. If it at least was mirrored, enemy team having someone who's silver and we having a silver player, that'd still be bad but at least understandable. But we legit had 200-300 MMR differences according to op.gg. Yes I know normal game MMR is different, but there is literally no way a Gold 5 player has the same normal game MMR than someone who is 1.5 leagues above him and regularily plays normals. Especially not with how they played. And in the last game, yes its late, but what the actual %%%% is a lvl 27 doing in a game with Dia and Plat players? and how are we ever supposed to win with someone who legit ISNT EVEN ALLOWED TO PLAY RANKED YET?
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