Kalista Ult LAG

Ok being a Ça va Thresh player i am, i often find myself with either Tristana, Vayne, Jhin or Kalista as my adc Kalista is my favourite if the player can kite but there is one massive problem As soon as Kalista ults me, My computer goe's from its normal 38 fps to 4 - 10 fps and everything just lags hard and because of this i ended my epic plays and hooks with me being thrown flat on the ground (also i dont know if this is part of the lag but me being thrown is also delayed despite me frantic clicking at the very start of the ult) I can't be the only one experiencing this, am i? (USE THA POLL) This one reason puts me off from kalista and hopes that she doe's not use her ult I was wondering if there is a way to like disable to extra effects that is triggered (everything goes misty) when ulted. Also this happens when i buy items (mostly when i do a full item purchase) execpt the screen freezes instead {{champion:429}} {{item:3599}} {{champion:412}}

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