Mafia Graves' Ciga.... auto attack sound!

(OLD) Mafia Graves League of Legends Skin Spotlight
League of Legends Mafia Graves Skin. Purchase RP via Amazon (NA): Shows of Animations and Ability Effects of Graves on his Mafia Skin. All footage was taken in game.
--- Hey girls and guys! I would like to express my desire to see old (pre rework) Mafia Graves' AA sound replace his current one. Its WAAAAAAY cooler and honestly just satisfying! With the newest Graves skin, Snow day Graves, we have seen that it is possible to have another AA sound than the classic skin. I dont know why they removed it, would be nice to know. From an implementation standpoint... as Software Engineering student I can only think of maybe format problems? Some other thing I can come up with is maybe the sound didnt go with the new AA animation? Any other thoughts? [Old sound]( Anyone feels the same way? Thanks a lot!

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