Yasuo tweak:

Maybe something like this? Yasuo: Way of the Wanderer: Resolve: Yasuo generates 1% of his maximum Flow for every 60 / 55 / 50 units he travels by any means, requiring a total of 6000 / 5500 / 5000 units travelled to obtain maximum Flow. At maximum Flow, the next instance of champion or monster damage against Yasuo consumes all of his Flow and shields him for 100 - 500 (based on level) damage for up to 1 second, additionally Yasuo's critical chance is doubled for 8 seconds. [The distance to grant a shield is more on every level, his shield is lower, he isn't given 100% crit chance 24/7] Steel Tempest: Remains the same but Gathering storm only lasts 8 seconds. [Can only hold the knockup for 8 seconds] Wind Wall: Wall no longer scales up in width. Casting E-W will instead encircle Yasuo in a 'wind wall' (which does not follow Yasuo and is fixed). [Forces yasuo to time his wall well from a dash, or remain stationary] Sweeping Blade: Has a maximum of 6 charges. A charge is granted every 8 seconds and 1 charge is granted immediately upon casting 'Last Breath'. [No more infinite dashes] Last Breath: Remains the same.
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