Rakan is one of Riot's biggest successes IMO

So rakan has been around for quite some time(I think about 3-4 weeks) and I only got interest of him recently. How so you may ask? I recently was thinking about the reason why autofill is still on(obvious reason is that there aren't that many support players). So that made me think why support is such an underplayed role. Biggest reason IMO is that you are not in the spotlight and as such you feel like you are doing nothing and overall not doing much(not doing the damage pretty much) And then Rakan was introduced to league and from the moment he was introduced I said ''He will be awesome'' And surprise surprise I was right. Honestly Rakan is up there with the most fun supports out there (up there with thresh). He brings to the table what you want as a support with how flashy his abilities can be but also with how his abilities look. Example is his ult. There are so many particles when you charm them that you are in the spotlight without wanting to do so. His W as well makes him look like the complete star of the battlefield. He has the mobility of the flashy champions (lee sin, riven, yasuo etc etc) and he is overall a blast to play. Rakan really opened my eyes with not only how fun support can be with a good support but also how HARD THIS ROLE CAN BE WTF! I built Redemption-Locket-Gargoyle-Ward item-mercury treads-ardent senser. That is 3 important actives that you have to put down in the matter of miliseconds and the positioning of the redemption for example is crucial to your team's success. I can understand why there are still support players out there, your role is so satisfying to play and Rakan really showed me that. If any support players tried Rakan out there please tell me how you think he is and whether you had fun on him.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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