Why is matchmaking so frustrating?

Ive been trying to get into gold for a while, Im always sitting at silver 1/2, but the same thing happens virtually every time, I get up enough to enter gold promos, and then as soon as Im in the promos, we get stomped, 3-0 or something, and Im right back down again. I just had a game in promos for gold where the entire team were gold, and we had 2 golds, myself, a low silver, and unranked who was in the jungle of all places. Obviously we got demolished. Why is it that when youre doing reasonably well, you win a couple of games, you just get lumped in a queue against players who are clearly a lot better than you. And well people say 'You just have decent mmr, its a good thing' its not at all. I dont enjoy being 'rewarded' for winning a couple of games by getting stomped in the next 4 or 5 by players who are much better. There's very little to 'learn' from that experience. I've still not even been able to crack gold because of this, I get so close and then just hit a brick wall, as soon as I hit that promo bracket I go on a losing streak for the next 10 games or so. Any thoughts?
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