Does Riot support level bots?

Hi, i´m level 18 now and i mostly play 3v3 against intermediate bots, the thing is, at least every second game,i´m playing WITH a bot, you know,those chinese level bots which they sell on ebay then with level 30. how come there are so many of them? and how come riot doesnt "ban" those accounts? i mean,its so obvious since 95% have a V4 in their name....does riot support those level bots because they get more players that way? i mean,its a long way till 30, i´m sure a few players wouldnt join the league if they would have to level it all the way up themselves, so its kinda a good thing for riot i guess,but its annoying as hell and shouldnt be tolerated in any way! so my question is,why do they?

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