Season 9 - The Penultimate Coin Flip of Seasons.

Seemingly feel like the more Ranked I play the more this season and game has turned into pure chance to climb rather than actual skill or game knowledge? Maybe because I main support? I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but every game I've won or lost has been determined not on a skill basis, but entirely so far on which team gets one of the following. - MMR Missmatch/Smurfs. -Afkers/Trolls or better yet Non compliant players. already it feels like the actually ratio of getting a game where everyone is of equal skill or at least wants to win with a positive mentally is Zero to none. Seriously riot you need to be way stricter with your tribunal system. outright get rid of toxic mindset and behaviour. why should people suffer with this Coin Toss of luck to climb. it is so unrewarding.
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