Let's talk about Ohmwrecker

This item is built so rarely I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who don't even know it exists. Personally I've built it once in the five years I've played League and I've never noticed anybody else build it. So why is it never built? First off, we need to see what it does. {{item:3056}} **Ohmwrecker** Stats: +50 armor +10% cooldown reduction +300 health +150% base health regeneration Passive: UNIQUE – POINT RUNNER: Builds up to 20% bonus movement speed over 2 seconds while near turrets, fallen turrets and Void Gates. Active: UNIQUE: Targets an enemy turret to prevent it from attacking for 3 seconds (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 8 seconds. Build Path: Raptor Cloak + Kindlegem + 950g (2650g total) --- So it seems like a budget Armour item with a Passive shared with ZZ'Rot and Talisman and a pretty decent active. Yet it is hardly ever bought. Why? First off, the stats that it gives aren't gold efficient without taking the passive and active into account. Hence if you're not going to be diving towers much, or spending the vast majority of a game dodging skillshots under a tower, it's not as cost efficient as more expensive similar items - or even Righteous Glory which is the same cost. Of course, this could be said about many other items if you are unable to utilise their passives or actives. So this alone cannot be the reason. Let's look at it's main attraction (if it can be called that) - it's active. Okay, it has a 2 minute cooldown, but it can prevent enemy towers from attacking for **3 seconds**. That's perfect for tower dives! Why is it never built? Well, the reason for that is twofold; the time of the game and the strength of the towers. What do I mean by the time of the game? Well, when would the passive be **most** beneficial? During the laning phase of course. You're at a low level and barely have any items so tower diving is a lot riskier than later in the game (theoretically - it doesn't always pan out that way). However you also have little to no gold and, as such, can't purchase - and therefore use - Ohmwrecker yet. Therefore the time of the game when it would be most useful is the one time that you can't use it at all. What about mid to late game though? Why isn't it bought to be used in those periods? This is due to the strength of the towers. By the time you'd be considering buying it it isn't the turrets you're concerned about - it's the enemy champs. The towers don't do enough damage compared to the champions to warrant purchasing it. It's not even good for those ahead as you might think. If ahead, you'd be more inclined to dive the enemy but, as aforementioned, the towers don't do enough damage to make you feel the need to neutralize them whilst diving later in the game. Simply put, it's active isn't as appealing as practically any other active or passive in the game and, combined with it's low stats and poor cost efficiency make it a very unattractive purchase. It is for these reasons that I believe it is hardly ever bought. --- So where does that leave us then? If Ohmwrecker is never really a good choice to buy what should be done? Should it get buffed? This, i feel, is not the answer. Ohmwrecker reminds me of Banner of Command. Whenever BoC was weak, it was never bought. When it was strong, _everyone_ bought it. Riot then realised that, due to it's passive it was practically impossible to balance decently so removed it. _If_ things stay as they are I believe that Ohmwrecker also falls into this category. In my eyes there are four ways to try and rectify this quandary: 1. Leave things as is. It's not a problem item at all (in the sense that it breaks some champs / causes unfun play) so why fix what isn't broken? 2. Delete Ohmwrecker. Nobody would miss it. Probably. [Disclaimer: I might be wrong] 3. Buff Ohmwrecker. Make it's stats more appealing so that people would be more likely to buy it. Even though this could lead to a BoC situation. 4. Buff towers. This would be my personal preference as I think towers are too weak as is (I have quite a few views on this so may make another thread addressing Towers later else I'd double the length of this post). --- Opinions? Thoughts? Any other ideas as to what to do with it? Or are you happy with it? Is there anyone who builds it regularly? I'd genuinely be interested to hear from you if so with what champs and your reasoning. I honestly believe that if the towers were made stronger then Ohmwrecker might be bought more as they just aren't threat at the point in the game when you would have one. However, due to the active alone I fear that it's always going to go the same way as BoC - either up or smotheringly op - and, should it ever see buffs, that Riot will realise this and remove it from the game. I love the idea of the passive yet remember not only BoC but Fortify too get removed for becoming ubiquitous (although that hasn't been an issue for Flash...) and causing unfun strats to play against. The timeout effect (can only be used on a turret again after 8 seconds have elapsed) would prevent a team chaining it though so it could fare better. I hope it does.
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