Why Riot seems to hate Taliyah?

Well, ok, obvious, she was my main. Back in time I had so much fun playing her, and I suppose at my elo meta doesn't matter really. BUT. First of all, hello Riot? If Crown hadn't pick her for the SSG line skins (which also was 1 year ago) she'd still have ONLY her basic one? We know team skins matter, but not really count that much. So yeah...please. Second of all. She was the perfect midlaner, tuned down for good, then jungler (which I can't play for some reasons), tuned down for good, and now she's back (apparently) in the jungle but not that good and fun pick to play, more like a strategic or situational one. No videos, no emote, no icons, no nothing. Even in LoL featured art pages - I was in this LoL themed page where this graphic made hundreds and hundreds of chibi versions of all LoL champions in funny situations or awesome fan skins: over 2000 posts and NO. TALIYAH. No one remembers her, no one ever considers her. It hurts. Please Riot, Taliyah is the most recent champion who has already been forgotten. She's receiving the Udyr treatment, but while champions like Udyr or Skarner or who else deserve it (they are OLD, look OLD, nd their kit is boring OLD) she does not. Please show her some love, I'd llllllllove to play her again mid.
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