Another Urgot rework concept

So...Urgot. A champ we all know and love, but has been played very little. Urgot is weird in that he is sort of a tank and sort of an ADC, two roles which intersect rather poorly in the meta. Two of his abilities - Q and E - are very focused on kiting and long-ranged poke, while the other two - W and R - seem more fitting for a brawler who is expected to dive into an enemy team and tank damage. A lot of rework concepts focus on defining him as one or the other, but I think a lot can be done with his concept if his abilities synergized a bit better. According to Urgot's lore, he's supposed to be this crazy fighter who charges into battle recklessly and simply refuses to die. But in practice, charging into battle is exactly what you don't want to do as Urgot. His abilities should benefit him when he is close to an enemy, instead of simply serving as a way of surviving to escape and poke more. My idea is to leave most of him the same, but change his W. Instead of being a weak shield that also powers his attacks when it is active, it could empower his attacks _by_ absorbing damage. Basically Urgot would jump into a teamfight, tank a whole lot of damage, and then pay it back hard. This would also fit with his archetype as being a crazed fighter who charges recklessly into an enemy, refuses to die, and comes back stronger when someone tries to kill him. Two ideas for a reworked W: 1. Urgot gains a shield that gives him % damage reduction for a few seconds, then the shield explodes, dealing AOE damage that is stronger the more damage he took. 2. Urgot passively stores a percentage of the damage he took over the last few seconds. W heals him for a percentage of that damage as well as triggers an explosion that damages all nearby enemies based on the damage that had been taken. Both versions of the ability apply Noxian Corrosive Charge's damage over time and homing effect; the more damage he tanked the longer these effects last. If he took no damage the effects are not applied at all. Optionally, the explosion can knock nearby enemies away or slow them, allowing Urgot to go back to safely poking them. The point is to make Urgot able to retaliate if focused, or to discourage enemies from focusing him when he charges recklessly into their team. The difference is that the first version is used when you _expect_ to be bursted, the second version is used _after_ you get bursted. The first version allows more counterplay, as enemies can simply avoid hitting Urgot when his shield is up and then kill him when it's on cooldown. As the new W allows Urgot to deal significant damage when focused by an enemy team, it also gives his R a new use. His R's effect is nice, but it could use a visual update. Urgot could explode, with the swapped enemy popping out of his exploded body, while his body reforms around the enemy's old position.
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