Is this elo hell?

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DumpsterKing / Platinum 5 0LP / 73W 92L Win Ratio 44% / Skarner - 14W 11L Win Ratio 56%, Warwick - 10W 10L Win Ratio 50%, Ivern - 8W 6L Win Ratio 57%, Zac - 5W 6L Win Ratio 45%, Master Yi - 5W 4L Win Ratio 56%
Was D5 last season, after placements got into plat 5 and just a few unlucky losses i´m stuck in this gold MMR. I have no control over my games just none. I´m guessing with those few losses the game thinks I don´t deserve my rank so it places me with the absolute worst people do drop me to the rank the game thinks I deserve wich is gold I guess? The last game I played was the reason I´m writing this. Like I don´t these games if they happen time to time but in my case it feels like these games are happening 8/10 games wich is nonsense. The funny thing is that I have a smurf that I haven´t played on wich is Gold 5 and I´m playing with the same ranks as if I would be playing on my main and it is so different in here. People actually let themselves be carried. I´m winning about 8-9/10 games because my MMR fine in there. Any suggestions on what should I do on my main account?
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