Akali needs Nerf - Here is why

What can i say ... she needs nerf indeed , her kit is too cancerous and in good hands unstoppable.. I think she is the most played MID champ atm .. That smoke is the most unbalanced thing in her kit ... dmg is kinda fine in early... That makes her pretty ungankable if you play jg .. just like trying to gank a Vladimir or Ahri , easiest escape route. Too many dashes and low CDs ... that's fine , i guess there are plenty of champs with lots of dashes and 0 CD on them but for real... that smoke ( w ) needs NERF And since you can't hit anymore the Champions detected by the wards you are pretty much doomed ... thx rito for making teemo and akali to stay invisible till the game ends :D * i expect akali mains to downvote , since there are plenty of them :D *
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