Why do you still play this game?

So why do you click play button? Can you not realize that rito is determined to ruin the game for the past year? Just quit it before you waste more of your time and emotional energy on trolls, feeders, afkers, unbalanced champions, updates and extremely unintelligent fail horrendous minion mechanics which is destroyed forever. This isn't a game anymore. You are simply being trolled by clicking the play button if you reach a promo or if you have below average mmr. It is a rigged roulette where you get retarded kids on your team every game if you have below average mmr. The biggest thing you can accomplish in this game is to carry retarded kids. Remember to tell the next girl you met at a bar if this roulette happened to bring you to gold or plat, They will be amazed and certainly not ignore you! PS: If you are diamond or higher the girls will run for their lives.
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