Riven needs a nerf already, stop ignoring her unbalanced kit

I mean seriously, the whole "press R to insta win" is getting extremely tiresom. An all around buff to everything? AA range, ability range, damage and an easy execution to top it all off. Her skill demands are over rated. Having abilities that allow you to escape, dodge, engage and all that nonesense doesn't mean you are good if you manage to engage someone or escape WHEN THE KIT ALLOWS IT WITH EASE!!!! Seriously people playing Riven pats themselves so hard on the back calling it to be skilled when it takes as much skill to grab someone and oneshot them as mordekaiser. Her kit is overtuned, her ult buffs everything about her kit AND grants a hard hitting execution ability to add on that. I don't ask for her to be pounded to the ground, I just ask they atleast TRY To balance her out. Use PBE to test shit out with her as it's made for. She deals as much damage as prenerf morde, and has more to offer in terms of combat than alot of champs because of that ridicules ult alone. Please understand riot, that removing 5 movement speed from Riven NEVER was a proper nerf.
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