How did you find your "Main" Champion?

So, as the title says, I want to know how people often find their mains, what got them into it. Was it their kit? Their look, their lore, or a friend told you about them? I'll start off with mine. My main role is now support, which I had gotten into due to my main champion, Braum{{champion:201}}. While he's not an entirely common pick, he's still played here and there. Personally I love everything about him, he's all i've looked for in a champ. So here's my little story. Quite a few months ago, i'd say less than a year but not too far off, I had gone into a match as an adc, with a friend as lux support if I recall correctly, I can't remember who I was playing. This was when I was newer to the game. I had never heard of or seen Braum before, and the fact that this guy massive pack of muscles was carrying a huge door, who was able to stun me had actually scared me a bit in the game. I was kind of in awe of how a guy that strong was such a friendly champion, a great laugh and passive taunts towards people, it was amazing. To say the least, we were absolutely destroyed by him. However, the thing that kept me interested was that the person who was playing Braum was also a nice person, and that lead me to believe that Braum wasn't a champion that most toxic people chose. This was just a little backstory to how i got him. Anyway, moving on to before I had gotten him. My friend had recently bought Zed, and to say the least I liked the look of Zed a little bit. His shadows and all, so I had bought RP and bought zed. After 2-3 games of him, I found that he wasn't for me. Yes he was a strong champion, but personally I didn't like playing as him. I then used one of my refunds and gotten the RP back, but I had no idea what to use it on. So naturally I looked in the store for them, and decided to get one of the more expensive champions, so I didn't have RP wasted. This is when Braum caught my eye, and I had remembered that game. I thought that there was no harm in trying, and bought Braum. I almost did not buy him, as my friend had told me that he was a support champion and discouraged it talking about that support isn't really that great, and he isn't that good of a champion. I bought him anyway, and the first game I played with him, I fell in love. I find it awesome the way he's so strong, yet all he wants to do is help anyone, friend or foe, as he talks about in his taunts. So yeah, Braum had also got me into being a support main, which I now love the role. Me and a friend have our infamous combo of Braum and Jinx bot lane. Others may disagree and say that they have weak synergy, and lucian or someone may be better, but we cope well, and win our lane most of the time... So yeah, that was my story of how I found my main, sorry that it was a fairly long one. But like I said, i'm curious to see how people had found their main, i Love reading about things like that and see what had encouraged them. (Any other Braum mains here? :D )
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