This is how you are expected to perform to climb in low elo...

So I've been leveling a euw account for fun lately after I finished my 2 week grind to top 1% on my main account ( made it to 0.6% yey :D ) and i just hit level 30 and played some ranked games. Based on my experience in the last 20 games, the following pictures depict how one is expected to perform in order to barely win a difficult match. But first, a parenthesis: I split games based on RNG, into 3 categories. 1. Games where your team happens to be better. You are expected to win this. 30% chance 2. Games where your team happens to be worse. You are expected to lose this. 30% chance 3. Actually balanced games. 40% chance If you lose on all three categories you plummet. If you win 1. but lose 2. and 3. you slowly demote If you win 1. and 3. and lose 2. you slowly promote If you win on all three you climb very quickly, often skip ranks. Alright. So, as a kind of fresh mid diamond player, I'm expected to win on all three and skip ranks until i hit platinum where I'll inevitably just lose some of the very hard games. The thing is, my experience has been unexpectedly different. The games I'm expected to win, I win. The games that are balanced I hardly win and the games I'm expected to lose seem impossible. In contrast I've had much more luck winning a few of the "impossible" games in diamond 4 and 3. But I understand the reason being just how random players behaviour is, macro wise, in low elo. Anyway here is a game where my team was at a slight disadvantage, but despite giving it my all, it ended up being a really close game that happilly ended into a victory thanks to very careful macro planning. Heres a glance in my match history: I'm not here to rant or anything. Given enough games and dedication I could climb this account to diamond as well. I just thought about how discouraging this can be to players that want to climb but might hit this invisible no-go wall. I remember myself 2 years ago as a gold player strugling but I still feel like it was easier to climb back then. I don't know what might have changed or how the experience could be improved. I just know there is a problem and wanted to let you guys know. Maybe you can identify what causes it and find a solution. In hope of this, I write this little article.
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